February 21, 2018  

Don't Miss This Exciting FREE Seminar Coming To Winlock Washington!

John Miller,

Pastor John Miller is passionate about sharing Gods Word with people all around the world. Because of his simple, clear, and convicting way of sharing insights into prophecy, you will learn more about the Bible in a few nights than most have learned in a lifetime! Each presentation is fully illustrated utilizing state of the art video and computer graphics which reveal the secrets of the ancient past and their meaning for our lives today. Discover answers that will enrich your life and help you cope with the rapid changes in our world. Presented in a relaxed atmosphere as a community service to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Seminar Number 14757-1097-275

John Miller

Starts October 6, 6:45 p.m.
Winlock Church Auditorium
2660 State Highway 603
Winlock Washington


All sessions are absolutely free - no hidden fees.  Those who wish may give a freewill offering to help with expenses.

Free Admission
Free Study Guides
Free Child Care (Ages 0-8)
Free Bibles
Pre-Register and receive a FREE Bible Prophecy DVD on opening night!


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